ReGeneration Who 3 Con Shirt

Staff version of the shirt. Standard con go-er is on Gildan’s Antique Royal.

ReGeneration Who 3 Con Shirt

The Doctor Who Convention for Every Generation – that’s a catchphrase I like and one that is the backing philosphy of ReGeneration Who, a convention that takes place in Baltimore in March. I’ve had the opportunity to design the “main convention” shirt twice now, and I get a distinct joy out of “my day job” skills being combined with “my fandom life”.

With this being the con’s third year and keeping up with the theme from the previous year, the shirt is basically a 3rd Doctor tribute. Katy Manning who played the companion of Jo Grant, was also a guest at the con (and she is a delightful lady, if you ever get the chance to meet her you should take that chance). With 3 being stuck on Earth and working with UNIT, I decided to go with the idea of drawings on a chalkboard. Hence, math equations, graphs, scribbles, and some doodles for good measure.

Fun fact, I have a very hard time drawing stick figures.






Detail of the ReGen shirt print