Imagination is the reality of the dreamer

Silver ink on Jerzees Galapagos Blue

“Imagination is the reality of the dreamer”

Ever since my “thank God and Scotland” shirts, my boss has tapped me to do these particular kind of “type” designs for shirts. Designing shirts is my specialty at the print shop anyway, but in this case, my boss really wanted one of these as the shop shirt.

It took a bit of research to find a quote that worked for us, but in the end I found this and it was agreed upon as The One. Particularly when you’re talking about a business, it’s important to merge the idea of not just thinking big and in the intangible, but how you execute these plans and go about working towards them. I do genuinely enjoy my job, and that plus the past few years of my life have instilled in me a certain mindset and enhanced my already insane determination to come out on top.

Just a side note, this particular shirt is a Jerzees tri-blend, and it’s…eh. It’s alright. We were intrigued at the low price-point of the shirt and we gave it a shot, and while the color is gorgeous, the actual fabric itself is nowhere near what a higher-end tri-blend should feel like. It is nice to have the blend of fabric so you won’t get shrinkage problems, but the feel just doesn’t compare. If you’re in the market for one, you can’t go wrong with the Bella-Canvas, which feels like fluid silk and is extremely, noticeably different when you’re doing your laundry and you pull it out of the pile.