Heaven Sent

Design on my torso, forgive the wrinkles

Heaven Sent

On the one-year anniversary of the airing of the Doctor Who season 9 episode 11 episode Heaven Sent, I was able to post this tribute of a piece. I love the episode to pieces, from the story that made me weep, to the acting that drove me to said tears, to the beautiful framing and cinematography, and all the bits and bobs that tied it all together into a wonderful episode.

I wanted to do an appropriate tribute to the episode, which also led me into a bit of a challenge. One-color shirt designs are one thing, but one-color fully-fleshed out drawings are something else. And I stick hard to that “one color” thing – shades don’t count! No cheating, all solid black, and the joy is finding out how to make it work out and to turn the limitation into an asset.

Not only does it come out as a sweet shirt, but I’m quite pleased at how the drawing works as, well, a drawing. I kept the halftone dot shading to a minimum to not get too cluttered, but I do quite like how the blocks break apart or come together to form the figures without getting distracting. I’m also a huge fan of circles for design and while I try to avoid religious parallels (due to my own personal beliefs and not wanting to cheapen the meaning), I do like the focus and radiation the Gallifreyan brings to the center of the piece.

Close-up of Heaven Sent design