Fox Chase Color Run – Volunteer Shirt

Mock-up. Photo of finished/printed version coming soon.

Fox Chase Color Run 2017 – Volunteer Shirt

The challenge: Design a shirt for a color run – an event where you have people basically doing a marathon while getting pigment thrown at them and they come out looking like a painter’s palette – but only do it with a one-color print.

This is exactly the kind of challenge I love.

My introduction year of illustration had assignments entirely in ink, so I’m used to portraying value with just a single actual color. Most important to me was portraying energy and movement, and embracing the idea that this would look more like a squid attack than a mad artist slapping paint on people helped a lot.

And a pro-tip for when you are on a budget but you would like the overall “feel” of having a multi-colored print – you tend to want the “wow” factor of a lot of colors, and an easy way to replicate that is doing a brightly-colored shirt. This one is on Safety Pink, so not only does it LOOK vibrant, but in real-life it has that “reflective” quality to it so it’s even more vibrant. Other colors are Safety Green/Yellow and Safety Orange. In the Gildan brand, Neon Green is also a vibrant choice and actually looks like green. The color Sunset is heathered with Safety Yellow so while it’s not initially obvious, the reflective property comes out in low-light situations.