I make this face and wear this shirt a lot.

The number one thing I need to address: My name is Ginger. I’m not a ginger. I was born blonde, actually, and by the time I was in kindergarten or so, it turned brown. “So then why is your name that?” My parents liked it and rolled with it, and it’s actually a great name, thank you very much.

Anyway: I draw, I design, and I enjoy it. Both my day job at a local print shop and my freelancing have been incredibly rewarding, and granted me unique experiences and opportunities. While I earned my BFA in illustration (with a minor in English!), I had originally intended to study graphic design, and I ultimately feel that blending these two ways of approaching a project grant me a unique viewpoint. I have worked with individuals, small businesses, conventions and expos, hospitality, schools, and even some well-known companies, and I find that each kind of client presents their own challenges that are still ultimately a joy to solve.

When I’m not designing, I am drawing, which boils down to the fact that I’m almost never not working. My big project right now and for the foreseeable future is Owl’s Flower, an OEL light novel series, done in collaboration with my friend and pro-writer (no like, actual professional) Kara Dennison. But when I’m not doing that, I’m either supplying items for my Etsy shop, drawing for my own personal enjoyment, or freelancing.

I do entertain the idea of relaxation every now and then, with my usual go-tos being video games, reading, or napping. I love me my Chicago Cubs and frequently have their games on when I’m working on things (d’oh, there goes relaxing). Doctor Who is my big fictional passion, and something I kind of have to credit for sort of propelling me to where I am now (due to the franchise I have had work featured at San Diego ComicCon, in New York City as part of the Doctor Who World Tour, on TV during several different airings of BBC America’s “Doctor’s Notes”, and even did a couple pieces for the BBC for a Christmas episode of the Doctor Who Fan Show), and it’s my most frequent topic of posting across social media. That, and the aforementioned baseball.