ReGeneration Who 3 VIP Artwork

For ReGeneration Who the con does special artwork of the guests for VIP attendees of the con. I was asked to do the artwork fo

Inktober 15 & 16

I’ve participated in Inktober since 2014, having varying degrees of success but always drawing more that one month than

Lots of Tiny Lines

I’ve participated in Inktober since 2014, but I’ve only ever done 31 drawings in 2015. Through baseball playoffs (

Beat That For a Date / This Is Not a Hug

Drawing is one of those things I enjoy doing and have always done all my life. I credit it for getting me through all sorts of

Transfiguring Adoption: Guide to Magical Creatures

This is the beginning of a project I am working with Transfiguring Adoption to illustrate their series of “A Guide to Ma

Owl’s Flower Promotional Art

A variety of promotional art made for promoting my collaborative book series Owl’s Flower.

The DW Fan Show Christmas 2016

Pieces commissioned by the BBC for the Doctor Who Fan Show, a web series for Doctor Who (obviously). The episode was specifica

Owl’s Flower: Ghost Fall

Ghost Fall is the second book in the Owl’s Flower series, following Herne and Iris as they navigate the beginning waters

Owls Flower

Owl’s Flower is a light novel series created by myself and my author friend, Kara Dennison. We divvy up the duties of wr

Freaking Small (Weirdly So)

Freaking Small (Weirdly So) After the success of the shirt from her co-star, I was both wanting to make a design around Jenna

ReGeneration Who 3 Con Shirt

ReGeneration Who 3 Con Shirt The Doctor Who Convention for Every Generation – that’s a catchphrase I like and one

Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent On the one-year anniversary of the airing of the Doctor Who season 9 episode 11 episode Heaven Sent, I was able to

Imagination is the reality of the dreamer

“Imagination is the reality of the dreamer” Ever since my “thank God and Scotland” shirts, my boss has

Thank God and Scotland

Thank God and Scotland …for Peter Capaldi. In a very long and windy way that I won’t go into, I can pretty much sa

OEHS – Wolves Halftone Hoodie

OEHS – Wolves Halftone Hoodie I love hoodies. I’ve got heavy blends, lightweights, short-sleeved, zip-ups and pull

Fox Chase Color Run – Volunteer Shirt

Fox Chase Color Run 2017 – Volunteer Shirt The challenge: Design a shirt for a color run – an event where you have

PawPac 2017

PawPac 2017 PawPac is an event held with a group of middle schools in the area, and this is the second year I’ve designe